CPH MatchUp 18-19 April, 2017

CPH MatchUp was a 2-day event during Games Week Denmark 2017, for investors, publishers, and Danish Game Studios. We aimed to make the best match-up’s possible through private studio meetings in Copenhagen and a whole day of one-one meetings at Børsen (Old Stock Exchange).

More than 200 meetings were held and 81 follow-ups.

Guestlist 2017:

Investors and publishers: London Venture Partners, Flaregames, Supercell, Koch MediaXbox, EA, Vectr Ventures, Paradox, Nintendo, Microsoft Studios, Starloop Studios, IPR.VC, GambitiousBig Fish, HeadUp games, Affiniti Ventures, Anuman Interactive, Sumo Digital, Nordic Founders Capital, Dino Patti Holding, CapnovaNordisk Film Games, and Kunlun.

“At Flaregames we have a close eye on the Danish development scene due to its variety of extremely creative teams, ranging from successful mobile studios, over award winning AAA and indie teams working on PC & Console, to leading technology companies. The industry in Denmark is exceptionally well connected and having experienced powerhouses working closely together with innovative startups allows them to often outshine several bigger European competitors.”  - Falko Böcker, Senior Developer Relations Manager. CPH MatchUp 2017.

Danish Games Studios: KnapNok GamesPlaywood Project, Triband, Set SnailTactile Entertainment, Triple Topping Games, Cape Copenhagen, BetaDwarf, Zaxis Games, Gearworks, StudioLit, Ghost Ship Games, Logic Artists, Throughline Games, Bolvërk Games, Porta Play, Investigate NorthGame Swing, Funday Factory, Hapti.co, Savannah Entertainment, Bedtime Games, Fuzzy House, Moped Games, Artwork StudioPlanet Alpha, Books and MagicKong OrangeTunnel Vision Games, Hero BlocksTrophy Games, Decochon, Character Publishing, fantastic, yes, ALL CAPS, Rumbletumble, MOOD Visuals, Other Tales Interactive, Amazu Media, Build A World, Framebunker, by ProxyFour04 Entertainment, Rubicon Games, Thunder Tale Games, Thirty-Six, Flashbulb Games, Ratatosk Games, and Khora VR.

Please contact Sofie Filt Læntver if you want more information.

CPH MatchUp was kindly sponsored by: