Copenhagen Games Festival

Together IGDA, Producentforeningen and Interactive Denmark launched a new games festival in April 2016. The Festival gathered The Nordic Game Jam (IGDA), Spilprisen (Producentforeningen), CPH Games Conference (Interactive Denmark) and 9 different events by local game developers that help the Festival become a reality.


Up to 2000 people participated in the very first edition of Copenhagen Games Festival - Thank you all for coming, hope to see You all next year. Stay tuned for information on the 2017 Festival right here:, Facebook or Twitter.

So what is Copenhagen Games Festival?
It’s a celebration of games and game development. It aims to set the spotlight on The Danish Game Industry and games. The Festival turns Copenhagen into a hot spot for game designers, programmers, graphic artists, business experts, gamers and game interested locals and tourists. 2000 people fills Copenhagen with games, creativity, technology and innovation.

190 Danish Game companies, 735 full-time designers, programmers and innovative talents and a turnover increase of 196 % in the last six years, is reason enough to put the Danish Game Industry on the national and international map, both geographically, politically and in business terms. Copenhagen Games Festival is set up to do just that.

The 2016 Festival Program:

About our partners:

Spilprisen is a tribute to the best, most creative and innovative Danish games. Spilprisen is the industry's own award. It is awarded by the peers on professional merits.
Spilprisen is a recognition that games are a creative and playful form of culture.

Nordic Game Jam is the biggest video game industry event in Denmark and the largest game jam in the world. This is the place to experiment with platforms and game ideas in an intense and informal atmosphere. It’s the place where new talents can be found and friendships are made.