Danish Developers Goes To Shanghai

Interactive Denmark, in cooperation with Innovation Center Denmark in Shanghai, invites Danish game developers to China in June.


“There is a good reason to be interested in the new growth opportunities in Asia, led by China. 817 million game users in the Asia Pacific region and a market of US$37 billion, growing at 15 per cent annually, speak for themselves,” says Interactive Denmark Director Jan Neiiendam. “However, most game developers tell us that they still have to decide whether to opt-in or out of the Chinese market.”

DK devs need to look to Asia 

For developers who want to join the trip, the visitor program in Shanghai will be provided cost-free to limited number of participants, allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Flight, accommodations and other expenses per participant should amount to about 15,000 Danish crowns (DKK), according to Interactive Denmark.


Want to know more about the visitor program, do not hesitate to contact Jan Neiiendam (if you want to participate, let us know before April 8).

“The (Shanghai) visitor program is our modest contribution to encourage growth and new jobs in the Danish games industry. I expect that CEOs from both small- and medium-sized game developers will be interested – and should some of the larger companies show interest, they are more than welcome to join.” says Jan Neiiendam to Nordic Game