Takeaways from another year of Growing Games

Evaluation: Great satisfaction with the Growing Games project.Over the last year a breath-taking number of people have been part of the Growing Games network. In total 273 persons from 166 companies have taken part in the 10 events we have held over the course of the year.


”Growing games is an integral part of the Danish games industry - connecting, teaching and inspiring us all.” Quote from a participant of Growing Games 2016

Growing Games provides game entrepreneurs with a forum for talking business – and the network is still much needed. While a place to talk business about games is still needed, a lot has changed since the first season of Growing Games in 2012. Five years ago only a few considered it legitimate to see game development as a commercial endeavour. Today it is an absolute given that commercial and creative development go hand in hand if you want to become a success. Most studios still are started primarily for game entrepreneurs to be able to make the games they dream of – but the industry acknowledges the need for commercial thinking and international perspective. If nothing else, these issues have become even more important in 2016 and will be for the next year as well.

The question at the center of it all, is not only how to make a great game, but how to find and connect with the right audience. Promoting commercial thinking, a systematic approach to business development and international outlook has been at the core of Growing Games in 2016 and will be for the year to come.


People come for the network
The overwhelming reason for participating in Growing Games is the network. More than ever Growing Games has provided a place to meet for people in the industry. Whether it is to meet fellow aspiring studio leaders or experienced people and experts participants come to Growing Games for the network.

As one participant said, regarding the best parts about Growing Games: "Growing Games is a social focal point in the Danish computer games sector. It facilitates networking, sharing of experience, and keeping up to date on development in the sector.".

57% of the participants have found new partners to work with. Most of the participants have found suppliers of professional services, clients or coproducers through Growing Games.


And stay for the knowledge

Attention is in short supply. As is international network, investors and a solid road to the market. Therefore these themes take up the top four places of the most relevant themes people would like to see in Growing Games. Social media strategy and company brand and profile are also highly relevant.

The evaluation of Growing Games 2016 was done by Seismonaut A/S