Growing Games is evolving

In 2012 the first Growing Games workshop was held. Back then, few considered it legitimate to see game development as a commercial endeavor. Today it is an absolute given that commercial and creative development go hand in hand if you want to become a success.


Interactive Denmark have been running Growing Games for these five years, and the format has always been evolving as we move along and learn. Now it is time to switch it up again. On the back of the recent Growing Games evaluation, we have decided to focus our efforts on the parts that you, the community, have asked for.

The Growing Games you have been used to, will be changing. First off, we will be testing out a model, shortening the seminars to about three hours. This means that the seminars will take generally place from 14-17, instead of lasting the entire day. By arranging it this way, we can concentrate more on amazing talks and focused networking, while giving you more time to work on the projects that matter to you.

Season 6 Changelog:
  • Time reduced to 3 hours.
  • The number of talks has been reduced.
  • Community involvement increased.
  • International guests increased by 100%.
  • New feature: Facilitated networking.
  • Chance of croissants has been significantly increased.

This also means that this year the professional standard will be raised. We will focus more on bringing in the absolute best in their fields, from all over the world, to make sure that the reduction in time does not lower the quality of what you will be able to learn from the seminars. In fact, we plan to have you learn even more! The talks will be more in-depth and intensive – so better start bringing notebooks! (But paper notebooks only, please)

You have also asked for more networking opportunities. The recent evaluation of the Growing Games program shows that more than half of you come for the network first. Therefore, we will be bringing facilitated networking to Growing Games. We will give you opportunities to meet the people that you need, to make your ideas come to life.

With these changes, we hope to get to the core of the idea behind Growing Games: Expert presentations, Knowledge, and Network.

We hope to see you all at this year’s Growing Games!

Best regards,

Mads Marturin
Project Coordinator, Growing Games.