Growing Games CPH: Marketing in the Post-advertisement era

Growing Games is the place where leaders of the Danish game companies meet each other, experienced peers, experts, and advisors, to talk business. 


Marketing is a tricky business, especially for startups and small businesses. No one can afford to force attention by filling all channels with claims and messages that mean nothing to most people. There are way too many channels and platforms for the "wide-band" advertisement to work. More importantly, the users are now in charge of which messages they see, and are annoyed by advertising, especially on mobile. Ad avoidance is achieving cult status and agencies are loosing the anti-adblock war. Consumers are smart enough to spot native advertising and distinguish sponsored content. Most people know when they’re looking at an ad. However, consumers don't inherently hate ads. When ads are relevant, creative and well-placed, consumers get enthusiastic about it. Good ads are shared throughout social media channels, just as well as other content.

With good spots in the App Store at a premium and terrible discoverability on most storefronts, social media platforms, as well as influencers youtube and twitch are increasingly becoming the way that many games are marketed. But this too is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, depending on the type of product you are trying to get "out there".

So how do you advertise in an era of adblock and invasive mobile ads? How do you engage your target group with the right message on the right platform at the right time?

Meet your new marketing intern

With Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship as our venue this time, some opportunities arise. We are inviting some interested Masters students, from marketing fields, to meet all of you! They are looking for their 3rd-semester internships in autumn. So, if you are looking for an intern, with marketing and brand-management skills, please contact Mads at for more information. We have very few spots left, so be quick!

The model for Growing Games has changed for this season. The new seminars will be stronger, better and faster. Read more about the new plans here.

When: Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 14.00 - 17.00.
Where: Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship Porcelænshaven 26, 2nd floor, 2000 Frederiksberg

Intended audience
CEOs and industry professionals with an interest in marketing, problems with marketing or ideas about how to advertise games.

Key takeaways
Attendees will walk away with a way to reflect upon their marketing-strategy, advertisement choices and how to reach consumers. You will get a chance to meet a group of games-interested marketing students, and maybe secure an intern with the competences you need.


Petter Henriksson, PR/Business at Landfall Games. Petter does a lot of keyboard things at Landfall, the people behind Air Brawl and ClusterTruck. With a background from the Sweden Game Arena Incubator in Skövde, Landfall has a history of marketing their games differently. Utilizing Reddit and back-doors into streams of their own games, Landfall has attracted a cult following, and their recent project, currently in alpha, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, is getting upwards of a million views on Youtube every week.


Thomas Krogh-Jacobsen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Unity Technologies. Now of Unity Technologies, Thomas has previously been CEO and co-founder of Pixel Pandemic, been head of marketing and digital at the largest sports brand in the Nordics F.C. København and digital manager at the Nordic leading publisher of magazines and newspapers Aller Media. Thomas brings lots of experience in marketing and brand-management to the table.


Many thanks to our host:

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship