Growing Games, November 28: Here be dragons

Growing Games is the place where leaders of the Danish game companies meet each other, experienced peers, experts, and advisors, to talk business. 


Travelling through uncharted territory can be both exciting and fantastic. New sights, new things to explore and many, many pitfalls to fall into. When you decide to strike out into the unknown, it is important to be well-prepared, both in terms of team and in terms of tools.

At this Growing Games, we focus on taking on new markets and especially China. It requires focus, planning, and persistence.

We have invited Sandra Neudinger, Product Owner for Cities Skylines at Paradox Interactive in Sweden, Christine Thaarup, CEO of VRInspired and former general manager at Eidos, Shanghai as well as Karin Vith Ankerstjerne, General Manager at Innovation House China-Denmark, her focus is on the Chinese and other Asian markets.

Please note:
All Participants will be required to sign a visitor NDA
to be allowed access to the IO-Interactive office.

When: Thursday, November 28, 14:00-17:00
Where: IO Interactive, Gammel Mønt 2-4, 1117 København

Intended audience
Industry CEOs and key professionals, who are looking for inspiration and guidance about bringing digital games into new markets.

Key takeaways

At the seminar, you will learn about Asia and how the games-market is evolving. You will learn where to focus your efforts to get the right business partners in Asia on board, and how to deal with the games-market in a different culture.



Sandra Neudinger, Product Owner at Paradox Interactive. Sandra Manages Cities Skylines, which is doing very well in the Chinese Steam library and are here to talk about how to manage and coordinates production, marketing, and partner management activities for the game in China.

Hakan Abrak, is the CEO of IO-Interactive. Hakan has been at IOI for more than 10 years, spearheading the latest HITMAN episodic release and is a proven and experienced leader and passionate gamer. Formerly Studio Production Director, Hakan has recently taken over as CEO of the company, spearheading the shift back to independent studio.

Karin Vith Ankerstjerne, is the General Manager at Innovation House China-Denmark. During more than 15 years she has been working with international business development for Danish companies, seeking know-how and advice on how to make it to China and how to develop and manage partnerships with Chinese companies.

Christine Thaarup, CEO of VRinspired and independent business developer. Executive Producer of animated TV-series produced in Asia, General Manager at Eidos Shanghai, and Business Development Director at Square Enix, Christine has her credentials checking out. Noone in the Danish games industry knows as much about the Asian market as she does.