How to strategize your content

Unity’s social media manager gives three tips for a successful marketing campaign.


A strategy is important when you deal with marketing and social media, most of us can probably agree on that. At Growing Games in Aarhus, Kristyna Paskova, social media manager at Unity, gave tips to how such a strategy comes to life.

“Get a community manager to begin with. It should be someone with thick skin and a lot of empathy,” she said during her talk.

And when you have gotten yourself a community manager, you can start making the strategy for your presence on social media. When you do, there is, of course, a lot of things to consider. And Kristyna Paskova has at least three that are important:

  • First off, you should think about who your users are - who are you making the game for? During her presentation, Kristyna Paskova talked about a developer who had made a game for children but tried to sell it to their existing community - a shooter community. Needless to say, the game tanked completely.
  • What do you want? Set goals for your game. Do you go for as many players as possible or are your ambitions more artistic?
  • What should you post where and how? How should the tone of your content be? Look at games that are similar til your own - the tone in a campaign for a shooter or RPG is very different from a more casual game. Do research on channels. There is no guaranteed success, and Twitter is, for instance, big amongst developers, but not so much among gamers.

Concluding, Kristyna Paskova had one important point about marketing, especially with regard to social media: if you don’t have the time to make an effort with your marketing, don’t do it. There is nothing that says inactivity as much as a Twitter account that has only posted three times in the last year.