Join the Nordics at Game Connection Europe

Neogames, on behalf of Nordic Game Institute, has negotiated a very reasonably priced offer to its respective members (and their members) for Game Connection Europe, November 1.-3. 2017.


If the Game Connection concept is familiar to you, you know what we are talking about. If you do not, read the following short explanation. More info on

Neogames has (again) negotiated a reasonably priced offer with SEB prolongation to its members to Game Connection Europe in the beginning of November.
In the spirit of the Nordic co-operation Neogames shares this offer with other Nordic clusters, NGI and their members.

Where: 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris (France)
When: November 1.-3.2017

What is Game Connection?
Game Connection is not a trade fair or expo like GDC or Gamescom. The whole idea of Game Connection is to offer possibility to have up to 45 targeted half an hour meetings with parties you really want to meet. More information is available on the Game Connection website

How does it work?
=> You rent a meeting space / booth (see prices and details below)
=> You create a profile for yourself in a meeting application.
=> The meeting application is included in the price and will open roughly 6 weeks prior the show. You book the meetings with interesting partners through the meeting application. You can be booked too.
=> During the event, you will just have those pre-booked meetings at your own space or in some other place.

How is the Nordic delegation organized?
The Nordic delegation to Game Connection Europe is organized and operated by Neogames in cooperation with other Nordic clusters: Dataspelsbranschen, Produsentforeningen NO and DK and IGI.

Why should I go?
If you have a product, service, demo or even a concept and you want to meet publishers, investors, co-operation partners or potential customers, this is the event for you, the ultimate place to be.

How much does it cost for the members of the Nordic delegation?
NOTE: Member prices are for members of Suomen Pelinkehittäjät (FI), Neogames (FI), Dataspelbranschen (SE), Producentforeningen (DK), Produsentföreningen (NO) or IGI (Iceland) Non-member prices are for all the Nordics.

4 sqm EXHIBITOR PACKAGE before 18.9
4sqm(2*2) Exhibitor Package including 1 unlimited account, 2 passes, 2 booth banners, open booth with 2 walls, 1 table set. NOTE: includes access to Paris Game Week.
Member price €2750
Non-member price €2900
(Normal EB price: €3300)

8 sqm EXHIBITOR PACKAGE before 18.9
8sqm(2*4) Exhibitor Package including 1 unlimited account, 4 passes, 4 booth banners, open booth with 2 walls. 2 table sets. NOTE: includes access to Paris Game Week
Member price €4800
Non-member price €4930
(Normal EB price: €5610)

Additional exhibitor passes: €190

Registrations and info required: Send an email before 18.9.2017 to:

The following information is required:
– the name of the company,
– Postal address, invoice information (incl. invoice address if different than postal address and reference if needed)
– VAT-number,
– the name, title, tel. and e-mail, of the contact person and other participants. Contact person info is required at 18.9, but participant info can be provided afterwards.
– a www-address,
– the focus area of the company: developer (platform) / middleware / other,
– a company logo in a vector format (preferrably pdf or eps),


Disclaimer(s): Please notice that we CAN take reservations after 18.9, but the price will be different, basically an EB price for everyone.
The number of participants is limited to roughly to 20 studios. The registration is done on the first-come-first-served basis.
This time we only have booth packages
VAT is applicable only for Finnish companies. Other Nordics with business ID don´t have to pay it.
For further information, please contact:, OR KooPee +358 40 532 4176