Set Snail and the Dark Souls of walking

Aarhus based developers Set Snail share their experiences from releasing three different mobile games.


Set Snail was represented by Brian Lund Lauridsen and Nils Koster. The two went through the experiences from the company’s three games so far: Pack a Puzzle, Daddy Long Legs (which Brian described as the Dark Souls of walking) and their latest, the platformer Illi. From Pack a Puzzle, Set Snail learned that they can’t do everything themselves.

“We wanted to do everything by ourselves. Everything worked, but only at a glance. We made our own backend, which almost set itself on fire. So we learned a lot from Pack a Puzzle,” Brian said.

From Daddy Long Legs, a game where you have to walk a character (it’s way harder than it seems), the guys had learned from their mistakes. Most importantly, they made a much more simple game that, quite simply, looked fun to play. Also, they didn’t abandon the game after release, but kept updating and tweaking it.

“We implemented costumes and goals. But not just goals such as 'walk 80 meters', there’s also one for 'fall down 20 times',” Brian Lauridsen said.

For Illi, a platformer that was much different from Daddy Long Legs, there were things that went well and things that, well, didn’t. The Set Snail team got solidified and the guys made a game that they were proud of. But they also found out that they needed to have someone making the final decisions.

“We ended up sweating and discussing the small things. One of our discussions were about how fast a particular pickup should rotate,” Nils Koster laughed.

In the foreseeable future, Set Snail plans on making more games and updating the ones that they already have made. And in that process, they keep their past experiences in mind.