Shanghai Report 2015

China strategy for game and gamification companies, June 2015


Interactive Denmark & Innovation Centre Denmark Game Camp - key takeaways


This report covers key takeaways and contacts information from our six-day program in Shanghai, China from June 14th to 19th. The purpose of the trip was primary to meet some of China’s biggest and most influential publishers to create a stronger network within Chinese mobile, console and online publishing.  At the same time to acquire in-depth knowledge about the markets and the Chinese ways of doing business within the Games Industry.

The Report Covers

  • Introduction
  • Market Data
  • Contacts in China

Contacts in China

The program included visits and contact with the companies and key persons. More information can be obtained by contacting Christine Thaarup or Interactive Denmark.

Please contact Interactive Denmark for more information from The Game Camp in China.

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The program was organised by Interactive Denmark and Innovation Centre Denmark with invaluable help from Business Development Executive Christine Thaarup.