“Use your superpowers!” Tips from a master of Serious Games

On the 29th of June, IBM Denmark hosted the most recent Growing Games workshop. On the list of speakers this day was Phaedra Boinodiris, IBM’s global lead for serious games and gamification - a truly accomplished expert within the field of Serious Games.

Growing Games Aarhus: Validate your market assumptions

You need to talk to customers to validate your market assumptions. At the Growing Games Workshop in Aarhus, we'll be focusing on how you research and validate your market assumptions.

Growing Games Aarhus: From idea to cash-flow positive

Growing Games Aarhus, November. Control your finances before your finances end up controlling you. If you don't have money, you won’t be around long enough to worry about building your product and generating attention.

Growing Games Celebration

We will end the Growing Games season with a big bang! We want to celebrate your successes and show the world that the Danish games industry is growing rapidly.

Growing Games Viborg: Building a sustainable studio

Join us at the Growing Games Workshop in Viborg in September. We will focus on how to build sustainable studios. Your company’s reputation and the potential for success is due in large part to the team you assemble to found your company.

Growing Games Cph: Execution is king

Ideas are cheap and building a successful company really comes down to the founders’ ability to execute on their plan. Join us at the Growing Games Workshop in CPH in September, to learn more about how to find the best balance between leading the way and making sure stuff gets done.

Research and validate your market assumptions

Growing Games, CPH, August 24 Research and validate your market assumptions. Let's talk about the elephant in the room: Analyze! You need to know your customers, the specific market, and how to release and grow your games.

Growing Games Viborg: Market and Monetization

On November 25 we invite you to Growing Games at Arsenalet in Viborg. We will address the issues of how market strategy connects with game design – both in terms of game design, target market, monetization and partnerships.

Growing Games Aalborg: Market & Monetization

How do you make money of your business model? Are you going freemium or using a payed model? Do you expect to find a publisher? How do you plan to advertise? Join us for Growing Games in Aalborg, October 21!

Build a Business Strategy

Growing Games is expanding its reach. In the fall of 2015 we host a series of four Growing Games events in Aarhus, Aalborg and Viborg. First workshop is in Aarhus on September 30, where we address issues of positioning; how do stand out in the market and make sure that your product fits the target group.


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