GDC 15. Meet the Investors

Going to GDC / Game Connection America? Meet the investors on march 3rd. Interactive Denmark will host a morning seminar during GDC and Game Connection in San Fransisco, where you can meet the investors.

Growing Games #3: RAISING CAPITAL

Capital is never a one-off affair. At this workshop you will meet the most active players in the industries of games and apps. You will take away valuable insight into the working minds of investors and have the advantage when time comes to secure investments in your company or project.

Monday, June 2, from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.

Har du talt med din investor i dag?

Dagen bød på værdifuld viden om investor relations, både fra investorerne selv og fra virksomheder i branchen der enten har erfaring med investorer eller helt har valgt investeringer fra.

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