Growing Games, November 28: Here be dragons

Growing Games is the place where leaders of the Danish game companies meet each other, experienced peers, experts, and advisors, to talk business. 

Women in #DKgame Breakfast

The group of Women in Games in Denmark is at its early days. We meet, talk and share relevant issues while having a nice breakfast. This time we discuss what we want to achieve, and how we will get there. In short: We get organized!


Growing Games CPH: Marketing in the Post-advertisement era

Consumer expectations and habits continue to evolve. Digital advertising is slowly dying, merging with content. While this is already a cause of upheaval, social media presents a tremendous opportunity to more effectively engage consumers and tell your stories.

Growing Games CPH: Invest in Danish games?

The 6th season of Growing Games will be kicked off March 23, with a discussion at the top industry level. The game developers screams for risk capital, but the investors are nowhere to be found. Should we change the way we think about investments?

Growing Games CPH: The financial road from idea to reality

Growing Games CPH, November. Control your finances before your finances end up controlling you. If you don't have money, you won’t be around long enough to worry about building your product and generating attention.

Growing Games Celebration 2016: Boom or bust on the global stage

We will end the Growing Games season with a big bang! We want to celebrate your successes and show the world that the Danish games industry is growing rapidly.

Growing Games Cph: Execution is king

Ideas are cheap and building a successful company really comes down to the founders’ ability to execute on their plan. Join us at the Growing Games Workshop in CPH in September, to learn more about how to find the best balance between leading the way and making sure stuff gets done.

Research and validate your market assumptions

Growing Games, CPH, August 24 Research and validate your market assumptions. Let's talk about the elephant in the room: Analyze! You need to know your customers, the specific market, and how to release and grow your games.

Growing Games CPH: Where do we go now?

You have made your game, now you need to sell it. Where do you go, and how do you do? At the Growing Games Workshop in Copenhagen, June 29, we will take on the key issues involved in your go-to-market strategy.

Copenhagen Games Festival

Copenhagen, April 6.-10. 2016. Copenhagen Games Festival sets the spotlight on Danish Games beeing culture and business in one, it gathers the growing Danish Game Industry together with fellow developers from all the world.


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