Live Concept Art Workflow Panel

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Venue: CAPE Copenhagen, Jorcks Passage opg. A, 2.

Theme: Visual Arts

Panel: Even Mehl Amundsen, Simon Fetcher and Jesper Ejsing

Even has worked with clients such as Games Workshop, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment amongst others. Currently he's working freelance at Pinligt Selskab Tegnestue in Copenhagen

Simon is currently working with concept art at Mood Visuals. He appreciates the MOOD studio culture, the collegues and the variety of projects he gets to work on.

Jesper is the concept artist behind Ejsing Illustration. Besides painting and illustrating he's also a writer with nine published books to his name.

Moderator: Jens Peter Kurup

Jens Peter works as a Creative Director and strategic advisor for a range of companies and teams at home and abroad. He previously worked as Game-Director, Creative head of Marketing and Creative Director for IO, and has also contracted as Creative Director for LEGO-Digital games. He truly enjoys getting in contact with all the talent in the industry and loves to accumulate experiences from both gaming, vr/ar, health, education, marketing, journalism, broadcasting etc.

Description: Watch three talented concept artists work live on stage. Get a sense of three different workflows and techniques, while the artists takes turns sharing tips, tricks and progress.

Key Takeaways: The session will give concrete takeaways and inspiration to artists as well as give non-artists insights into the production and workflow of concept art.

Who should attend?: Anyone with an interest for visual arts - who practises it all day long or is dying to learn how to or just needs some inspiration.