How can we help each other?

We support Danish companies in identifying and accelerating business opportunities and growing internationally. Our aim is to connect foreign companies and facilitate investment in Danish game and interactive companies and ideas.



Sofie Filt Læntver, Managing Director
M: +45 27 45 75 38

We believe that growth will come from Danish companies producing games and interactive services who understand that they are mainly nodes in a connected global economy where the vast majority of digital goods and services is user-created.
The formula for success is based on these companies outsourcing the rising costs of development, marketing and support to their fans and users.
Interactive Denmark is a national partnership supported by Market Maturation Fund, two Danish regions and The Municipality of Copenhagen. Our goal is to create 2,000 new jobs in Denmark by the end of 2017.

Interactive Denmark is open to anyone with the courage to seize the profit opportunities of the digital world within either games, schools or health care.