What do we do?

Interactive Denmark is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to accelerate, coordinate and support the development of the Danish game and interactive cluster.


The Market Maturation Fund, three Danish regions and the Copenhagen Municipality finance Interactive Denmark and its activities, which are divided under three headings:


Interactive Denmark builds on the success of the project labelled ”Danish Games Industry”, which had as goal to support and organize the Danish games industry, both in terms of professionalizing the community, thereby taking them from project-ideas to start-ups but also in terms of strengthening the relationship amongst the developers through events and networking meet-ups.

Interactive Denmark consists of a solid core of experienced people with 6 years of experience within the danish games cluster.

Interactive Denmark is actively seeking to attract capital to the region, both through investor-seminars but also by being the primary driver of a new monetary fund. Copenhagen MatchUp  is one of our activities helping developers and investors/publisher to meet and match.

“Maturing Companies” is one of the primary activities of Interactive Denmark. This is exemplified through the business program called SOLID, which helps unsecure businesses through the use of consultants and specialists with finding their way and strengthening their business plan.

Another big part of this activity is the Growing Games workshops wherein established start-ups are assisted with their business struggles.

By now, 75 Danish developers have participated in the SOLID program and more than 90% of the developers actively participating in Growing Games are either satisfied or very satisfied with the format and the opportunities that they are handed.

Interactive Denmark takes actively part in the different industry export missions, either by acting as an organizer or by negotiating affordable contracts for the developers to make use of when attending the different conferences. This has helped Danish developers meet their investors and potential customers throughout the world.


Interactive Denmark has more than 500 companies in its database and network. Through social media, newsletters and our activities, we are in contact with more than 5000 industry professionals and enthusiasts. We also provide data about the growing industry through analysis and evaluations. The industry numbers are shown in our yearly report “The Interactive Denmark in Figures”

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