Reptilicus VR Meets the Smartsuit

Time 13:00 - 14:00

Venue: MOOD, Jorcks Passage opg. A, 1.

Theme: Tech/Programming

Speakers: Sophie Bech and Peter Bruun
Sophie Bech is head of Experiences at Rokoko. She has worked with creative content all her life and her passion is to encourage play, creativity, and innovation as a daily practise in everything.
Peter Bruun is the CEO of Triband and designs, codes and looks at spreadsheets while tapping his foot to classical music.

Description: During this talk you will get the exclusive opportunity to hear the story about how two boundary-pushing companies from software and hardware fields teamed up to form a crazy immersive VR project together. First you will discover the internal workflow details of how a company goes from experimenting with existing optical motion capture technology to developing their own unique solution. The resulting new technology is positioned to reshape the entire industry. Secondly, Triband will reveal the details of re-creating their favourite Danish monster movie Reptilicus from 1961 as a VR game. In this game you will step into the surreal world of B movies when you become the actual monster Reptilicus within the VR world using Rokoko's motion capture technology. The gamer will be fully immersed in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, with its calm people, pretty gardens, nice policemen, and stunning architecture - and destroying it as Reptilicus. We will unveil the specifics behind developing for Virtual Reality when using brand new technology to capture the gamers every monstrous move.

Key Takeaways: Designers, producers, AR and VR content developers, animators and motion capture tech nerds.

Who should attend?: Immersive VR experiences, developing hardware for industrie 4.0, turning cult content into modern games and innovative partnerships.