Less Repetition = More Fun and Games

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Venue: Flashbulb, Knabostræde 3, 3.

Theme: Audio

Speaker: Bjørn Jacobsen
Bjørn is a sound designer working with IO Interactive, he has previously worked in the AAA games industry with CCP Games on EVE Online and EVE : Valkyrie and a number of other projects both large and small in scale. He has an electronic music background and a great interest in all things audio and games.

Description: Sound and music in games suffer badly from the fact that our ears and brains do not like repetition and monotony. Avoiding repetition clears up the audible flow through your game and helps shift focus to the areas that really matter. With a combination of combining the game design with audio design and not allowing sound to wash itself away you can achieve a much less repetitive experience for the player and keep their immersive zone intact for longer.

Key Takeaways: Repetition is bad. Monotony is bad. Get rid of audio repetition with me.

Who should attend?: Anyone with an interest in audio for games and anyone interested in knowing more about the thought process behind both large and small productions of audio for games and what can easily be done to create a less dull repetitive gaming experience.