Surviving and Designing

Surviving Explosive Growth

Venue: Flashbulb, Knabostræde 3, 3.

Theme: Tech/Programming

Speaker: Dagbjört Jónsdóttir
Currently the Lead Programmer at MovieStarPlanet ApS, Dagbjört has been a Programmer since 1999, when she worked at OZ Communications in Reykjavík while still attending University. In 2010 she realized an old dream of getting into game development when she joined a little startup of 4 people called MovieStarPlanet. Through 6½ years of explosive growth, Dagbjört has touched everything from DataBases to FrontLine Support, from Avatar Systems to REST, although mostly working somewhere in between, and trying to help her team master the delicate balance of Agile Engineering on a big scale codebase.

Description: What do you do when your startup becomes a hit and your prototype of a game suddenly grows into a multi-million user network? How do you improve and adapt your technologies and pipelines without halting all development for months? How do you innovate in your process when your users constantly demand something new? How can you be agile in a big team with over 700.000 lines of code without producing an impenetrable jungle?

Key Takeaways: The audience will walk away with practical examples of how to meet the unavoidable hurdles and challenges of growth and technical change without risking everything. Of how to find the right time and process to change and innovate. From redoing your core feature to hitting the maximum integer value on your database index, if you are saddling up for the amazingly fun but bumpy ride of years of growth, you’ll glean some valuable insights into how to survive!

Who should attend?: Anyone interested in surviving past the initial success of their startup through to a whole different size of studio while constantly adapting to the changing landscape of tech.

Designing Games for Women

Venue: Flashbulb, Knabostræde 3, 3.

Theme: Game Design

Speaker: Cornelia Gumbrich
Cornelia has a MA in Games Analysis from ITU (graduated Sep. 2015) and have so far worked as a Community Manager and Content Creator for and is currently a Game Researcher and Project Lead at Trophy Games. her interests is the interconnection between game research and design, gendered game studies, semiotic and narrative game studies. She also have a good deal of experience in PR and Marketing and would love to work as producer some day in the future.

Description: Designing a game for a target group that has never really been addressed before, makes you face difficult challenges. There are no conventions and experiences to draw from. No cases that have failed or been successful. Being the first is always scary. But there are methods to acquire valuable information and prevent Game Designers from making the wrong decisions. In this talk I will present ways to get to know as much as possible about your target group by using contemporary research, official surveys and other sources. Furthermore, I will discuss how to translate this information into game design decisions and how to make the target group part of the design process. Every step will be exemplified with the work I did for Women's Soccer League, which addresses female sport fans, athletes and gamer as its unique target group. While new target groups are central to the topic discussed, these methods can just as well help with gaining a deeper insight and understanding in existing target groups. It will lead to a more thorough and serious approach to game design.

Key Takeaways: Methods of how to gain information about your target group and how game designers can use them to be informed about their design decisions

Who should attend?: Every Game Designer, who is interested in how research can be used as a basis for Game Design or anyone who would like to design a game for a specific target group, which has not been addressed on the gaming market so far.