Optimizing Unity Scripts - 10 Easy Steps to Get a 10X Performance Increase

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Venue: SYBO, Jorcks Passage Opg. A, 4.

Theme: Tech/Programming

Speaker: Søren Trautner Madsen
Søren is a gameplay programmer and retro enthusiast. He has worked on the Deadline Games "Total overdose", "Chili con Carnage", "Watchmen" and Playdead's "LIMBO" and "INSIDE", as well as the solo project Trautner Games. In his spare time he also converts LIMBO to Commodore 64 and plays in the Geek Retro band "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE"

Description: The Unity3D engine has become immensely popular for small or middle range games. One of the main reasons is that Unity3Ds architecture supports one of the fastest code-iteration-cycles available on the market. Unfortunately this comes with a performance price, since the C# game code can never be as fast as the native C++ of other engines. However, with a few simple tricks it is possible to avoid the worst pitfalls and get general performance increases by several factors, without loosing the flexibility. This talk will showcase the different game code modifications made during the optimization phase of Playdead’s latest game INSIDE. The changes presented are of a general nature and will thus be applicable to any Unity3D game looking to boost performance. The results will be showcased starting with a bad performing but realistic code example that will be optimized step by step.

Key Takeaways: Hopefully this will give a better understanding of some of the performance pitfalls often encountered in game development - and some specific solutions to a couple of very common "gotcha"s in Unity game code.

Who should attend?: This talk is focused on easy optimizations for your Unity script code, but a lot of the problems or very similar ones are often present in most game engines, so it might be interesting for anybody that wants some high level optimization tips.