Going Episodic - Designing an AAA Episodic Game

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Venue: CAPE Copenhagen, Jorcks Passage opg. A, 2.

Theme: Game design

Speaker: Torben Ellert
Torben is the lead online designer at Io-Interactive. On HITMAN: Season 1, he provided creative leadership on developing and delivering the infrastructure needed for the studio’s ambitious Serviced Games strategy, as well as designing, directing and delivering the innovative and compelling game modes that would carry the service.

Description: One of the key challenges in delivering HITMAN: Season 1 was designing systems and experiences to support an episodic game, where the focus was on replay, rather than narrative. This talk will cover the design of progression systems, game experiences and level design, with a focus on creating the experience of "being the assassin". The aim will be to distil some central ideas for what worked, and what did not. It will also touch on the "Elusive Target" and "Escalation" game modes as examples of how we did this.

Key Takeaways: Episodic design, sandbox design, flexible design, creating power experiences

Who should attend?: Game Designers