Level Design, Balancing, and Monetization in F2P Casual Match-3 Games

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Venue: MOOD, Jorcks Passage opg. A, 1.

Theme: Game Design

Speaker: Rune Vendler

Rune has worked in the games industry for over 20 years, in roles ranging from programming to design and beyond. Currently, Rune is the studio head of Hapti.co, Square Enix's casual games studio in Copenhagen.

Description: Match-3 games thrive on great level design. It is key to delivering a great player experience: a great level builds player engagement, a bad level turns the player away, and you risk losing them forever. It is also essential to good monetization: priming the player to be willing to invest in extra moves, boosters, and extra lives. This talk will explain how we approach level design, and show the toolbox of techniques we use to create engaging levels. We will look at how a set of levels are ordered to create a good flow. We will take a look at the analytics we use once levels go live to balance their difficulty, ensure high retention, and create good monetization. Finally, we will provide some perspectives on automation of the level design and balancing cycle.

Key Takeaways: Insight into our approach to level design. Techniques for balancing level engagement and difficulty. An understanding of our live analytics to optimize retention and monetization.

Who should attend?: Anyone with an interest in gameplay and level design, live ops, analytics, casual games, or F2P monetization.