During Games Week Denmark we introduce roundtable breakfasts for special interest groups within the Danish game developer community. The idea behind the roundtables is to strengthen the knowledge in the community by sharing it. The aim is also to get to know who else is sweating over the same kind of problems, or knows the solution, or knows someone who does. Peers in different fields will meet at different game studios Friday the 21st of April. There are already roundtables for graphic programmers, audio designers, creative directors and game designers. These groups have all been started by someone who would like to meet with his or her peers in a specific field.

Would you like to like to start your own roundtable? Or would you like to join an existing roundtable? Or would you like to help a roundtable out by offering meeting facilities and some croissants?

If you have an interest in any of the above please contact
Fanny Saemund, project coordinator at Interactive Denmark. 

Confirmed Roundtables April 21st:
Creative Directors Contact: Fanny Saemund
Game Design - Hosted by Cape Copenhagen
Contact: Fanny Saemund
Communication and SoMe - Hosted by Tactile Entertainment
Contact: Maria Louise Andersen
CEO - Breakfast of Chiefs At Gl. Strand 48, 1202 KBH
Contact: Christian Fonnesbech
Graphic programmers - Hosted by Unity
Contact: Fanny Saemund