28 may (1527499800 28) 09:30 28 (may 28)12:00 Growing Games: The Art of the Deal 09:30 - 12:00 SYBO Games, Jorcks Passage 1A, 4th, 1162 Copenhagen K Event Organized By: Interactive Denmark Event Type : Growing Games

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Level up your negotiation skills!

Worried about signing a bad deal? Don’t know what your value is? Not sure when to walk away? We will tackle those questions and more on May 28th, when we kick off the Art of the Deal Growing Games workshop. 

Negotiating with experienced investors, publishers or clients can be a challenge, even for mature developers. At this workshop we will look at both tips and tricks from the trenches of game development negotiation, as well as perform a series of exercises and mock negotiations to ensure you get hands-on experience – giving you a stronger position when negotiating your next contract.

During the day, we will hear from Reto-Moto CEO Jean-Marc Broyer, who will draw on his experience from companies such as UBISOFT, EA, WARNER BROS., and AMAZON; outlining the pitfalls of negotiations in the games industry, and the view from both sides of the negotiation table.

Robert Jønsson, partner at Integra Law, will give an introduction to the practicalities of contract negotiation, and take us all the way form first contact to signed contract.

In addition to this, the workshop will feature a number of exercises and mock negotiations to make sure that participants get to try and utilise their new knowledge, and get better at analysing the negotiation situation.

The workshop is aimed at both start-ups and more mature studios.

Jean-Marc Broyer, CEO of Reto-Moto
With many years of experience in the games industry from companies such as UBISOFT, EA, WARNER BROS., and AMAZON, Jean-Marc will share some of the tips and experiences from his many years in the field. Having been at “both sides of the table” Jean-Marc is able to bring a unique perspective to the negotiation situation as seen from the side of both the developer and the publisher/investor.



Robert Jønsson, Partner at Integra Law
One of the most experienced lawyers in Denmark, when it comes to publisher and investor contracts in the games industry. With a specialty in both games and start-ups Robert will talk about the practicalities of negotiations and the journey from first contact to signed contract and all the pitfalls in between the two.



Growing Games: The Art of the Deal is kindly hosted by SYBO Games


(Monday) 09:30 - (Monday) 12:00


SYBO Games

Jorcks Passage 1A, 4th, 1162 Copenhagen K