9 may (1557419400 9) 16:30 9 (may 9)20:00 SpilBar 41: Sounds good! 16:30 - 20:00 Bio Asta, Cinemateket - DFI, Gothersgade 55 Event Organized By: Interactive Denmark & DADIU Event Type : Spilbar

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Join us for SpilBar 41 about sound. Sound design and music are two important yet often overlooked elements of a great game. For SpilBar 41 we want to listen to the best local practitioners and lend our ears to how they create not just sound, but expressive interactive audio universes in their own right. We have also invited Tim Hinman from Thirdear to talk about how he creates sound universes for Thirdear’s award-winning podcasts.

16:30: Welcome
16:35: Jakob Schmid: Adaptive Audio in INSIDE and 140
16:55: Rasmus Hartvig: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Sound Design for a Galaxy Far, Far Away
17:15: Peter Due: Using music to create character development
17:35: Break
17:50: Tim Hinman: Sound stories – making layers and meaning in audio narratives

Jakob Schmid: Adaptive Audio in INSIDE and 140
In this talk we will discuss how to make sounds and music react to events in a game – with examples from Playdead’sINSIDE‘ and the interactive music of ‘140’. Specifically, we will follow a musical element from ‘140’ from its creation to being fully integrated in the game world and controlled by game logic. We will also touch on the future of adaptive game audio including the role that software synthesizers could play in breaking the boundaries of contemporary techniques.

About Jakob Schmid
Jakob Schmid is a creative programmer focused on audio, as well as an electronic music composer. He worked closely with Martin Stig Andersen on Playdead’s critically acclaimed and multi-award winning game, ‘INSIDE’, and created the music and sound for rhythm platformer ‘140’, winning several awards including the 2013 Independent Games Festival award for ‘Excellence in Audio’.

Rasmus Hartvig: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Sound Design for a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Composer and sound designer Rasmus Hartvig discusses crafting and implementing music and sound for a LEGO Star Wars game. Having to build on 40+ years of groundbreaking and recognizable sound design, he takes us through how to seamlessly meld old and new, tricks for breathing life into static sound effects by applying gameplay driven audio effects and much more.

About Rasmus Hartvig
Rasmus Hartvig is a freelance composer and sound designer. Rasmus has worked on more than 100 games for the last 12 years, supplying music and sound effects for companies like LEGO, DR, Cape Copenhagen, FRVR, Egmont and Funday Factory.

Peter Due: Using music to create character development
Forgotton Anne is a story driven game and the primary purpose of the music is to support the story and the character development. The themes of the characters was composed in a dynamic process side by side with the story writing and the visual development. By transforming the themes as the characters develop, the music supports the story as well as giving a deeper understanding of characters.

About Peter Due
Peter Due is a composer for films, games, TV and classical concert works. He is currently in-house composer at Throughline Games. His score for for their latest game release, Forgotton Anne, was recently nominated for a D.I.C.E award and two GANG awards. He received his degrees in composition and violin from The Royal Danish Academy of Music and in film scoring from University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Tim Hinman: Sound stories – making layers and meaning in audio narratives

About Tim Hinman
Tim Hinman (@thirdears) has been working with sound for more than twenty years, taking a well-tried route through total failure in attempted rockstardom.
At DR he worked as a producer and editor of dozens of experimental audio productions. Since founding Third Ear podcast in 2009, Tim has exclusively produced his own and others work, winning a few awards along the way.

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(Thursday) 16:30 - (Thursday) 20:00


Bio Asta, Cinemateket - DFI

Gothersgade 55


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About SpilBar
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