14 nov (1573749000 14) 16:30 14 (nov 14)19:00 SpilBar 43: Who’s responsible? 16:30 - 19:00 Bio Asta, Cinemateket - DFI, Gothersgade 55 Event Organized By: Interactive Denmark, DADIU, Vallekilde Game Academy, and DFI Event Type : Spilbar

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Games occupy an ever growing part of our lives. The latest research from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation shows, that the average Danish citizen today spends more time on digital games, than on printed media, and The Global Games Market is expected to grow to $152.1 Billion in 2019.

But games are also the subject to increasing criticism over loot boxes, Free2Play business models and even addiction to games. In this edition of SpilBar we take a closer look at the responsibilities of the games industry. How is our games affecting the people who play them? Should we feel responsible for the effects they have? And what can be done to protect both our players and the planet we all live on?


16:30: Mathias Gredahl Nørvig, CEO at SYBO Games (awaiting final confirmation)
A few weeks ago, SYBO Games launched the Playing for the Planet initiative, together with some of the biggest game companies in the World. In this talk, Mathias Nørvig will talk about, how SYBO Games are working to make sure, that making and playing their games isn’t affecting the planet in a negative way, and what you can do to participate as well.

16:55: Vernon Jones, Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet
Working with kids and minors entails some special responsibilities. In this talk Vernon Jones from MovieStarPlanet will talk about some of the special things you have to look out for, when working with kids & minors, and why now might be a good idea to think about, if you are doing enough.

17:20: Break

17:35: Johan Eklund, psychologist at Center for Ludomani
What kind of psychological responses does gambling and gambling-like game mechanics provoke? What does skin betting, loot boxes, gacha-mechanics, and FUT-packs have in common? Based on his work at Center for Ludomani, psychologist Johan Eklund will talk about, how gambling and gambling-like game mechanics work.

18:00: Anne-Mette Thorhauge, Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen
Unpacking the notion of game addiction. Is ‘addiction’ a correct label for the problems and conflicts that arise in relation to excessive gaming or do alternative explanations yield more insight and better problem solving strategies? The presentation will focus on the emergent and somewhat intransparent business models in online gaming as an alternative approach.

18:30: Drinks, mingling & Goodbye


Speakers for this event

  • Anne Mette Thorhauge

    Anne Mette Thorhauge

    Associate professor at University of Copenhagen

    Associate professor at University of Copenhagen

  • Johan Tapio Vindum Eklund

    Johan Tapio Vindum Eklund

    Psychologist at Center for Ludomani

    Psychologist at Center for Ludomani

  • Mathias Gredal Nørvig

    Mathias Gredal Nørvig

    CEO at SYBO Games

    CEO at SYBO Games

  • Vernon Jones

    Vernon Jones

    Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet

    Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet


(Thursday) 16:30 - (Thursday) 19:00


Bio Asta, Cinemateket - DFI

Gothersgade 55

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SpilBar are informal, cozy, informational networks meeting in the Danish game industry. Hosted by DADIU, Interactive Denmark, Vallekilde Folk High School and The Danish Film Institute. In two words: rock on!

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