Growing Games Viborg: Building a sustainable studio

Join us at the Growing Games Workshop in Viborg in September. We will focus on how to build sustainable studios. Your company’s reputation and the potential for success is due in large part to the team you assemble to found your company.

Invitation. Ny organisering i Interactive Denmark

Invitation til reception, 30. august 2016.

Ny organisering og nye mennesker. Kom til åbent hus hos Interactive Denmark, hvor vi siger både goddag til Sofie Filt Læntver som ny projektchef og farvel og på gensyn til Kirstine Askholm, der har fået nyt job hos Playdead.

Meet & greet CPH. SpilBar #31

Join us for SpilBar #31, September 29 in Copenhagen. SpilBar CPH is a bimonthly event, where everyone in or close to the computer-games industry can meet and mingle.

Søren Lass' Comprehensive Guide to Game Festivals

“GDC is great, but sometimes people forget, that there are different opportunities”


“Use your superpowers!” Tips from a master of Serious Games

On the 29th of June, IBM Denmark hosted the most recent Growing Games workshop. On the list of speakers this day was Phaedra Boinodiris, IBM’s global lead for serious games and gamification - a truly accomplished expert within the field of Serious Games.

Pixeleap and the wonders of open development

Why did Pixeleap go for an almost totally open development for Battlesouls?


Stort aktivitetsniveau og stærkt samarbejde

Nyhedsbrev, juli 2016. Status over milepæle og aktiviteter. Vi samarbejder tæt med både producenter og andre aktører, for at skabe rammer, der medvirker til fortsat vækst i branchen.

The pitfalls of partnerships

The hosts of Growing Games, the Aarhus-based law firm Lett, also contributed with a talk as Peter Neve took the participants through the potential pitfalls of dealing with international clients.


Set Snail and the Dark Souls of walking

Aarhus based developers Set Snail share their experiences from releasing three different mobile games.


Nobody expects the Kittypocalypse

Bo Bennekov from Bolverk Games tells of his and his team’s experience in a brand new field: VR games and how to deal with investors.