Game Developer Talks April 19

Game Developer Talks is 100% dedicated to passionate game developers from the Danish game industry.

CPH MatchUp 18.-19 April

CPH MatchUp is a 2-day event for investors, publishers, and Danish Game Studios. We aim to make the best match-up’s possible through private studio meetings in Copenhagen and a whole day of one-one meetings with MeetToMatch matchmaking tool. If you want to increase your business opportunities, looking for new projects or funding your game and increase your business network, Copenhagen MatchUp is the place to be April 18-19, 2017.


During Games Week Denmark we introduce roundtable breakfasts for special interest groups within the Danish game developer community. The idea behind the roundtables is to strengthen the knowledge in the community by sharing it. The aim is also to get to know who else is sweating over the same kind of problems, or knows the solution, or knows someone who does.

Takeaways from Interactive Denmark’s inspirational trip to Helsinki

On November 29, Interactive Denmark, brought 16 stakeholders from around the Danish game industry on an inspirational trip to Helsinki. These are the key takeaways from the trip.


Meet The Danish Industry in San Francisco 2017

San Francisco, February 27 to March 3. Danish developers are going to participate in Game Developers Conference, Game Connection or just going to the San Francisco Bay area for meetings and network. Find out who's going, where to meet them and what's going on!

Growing Games is evolving

Interactive Denmark have been running Growing Games for five years, and the format has always been evolving as we move along and learn. Now it is time to switch it up again. On the back of the recent Growing Games evaluation, we have decided to focus our efforts on the parts that you, the community, have asked for.

Incorporation is an important choice

Everybody knows, that execution is king. All the best ideas don't amount to anything, if you can’t get them out there to the world. A truth that was also the theme for the latest edition of the Growing Games Workshops.


What kind of game developers will Nordisk Film invest in?

A sunny morning in the Copenhagen suburb of Valby, a sizeable portion of the local game development community was ushered into the darkness of a cinema at Nordisk Film - the 110 years old film production company, that’s now a part of the pan-Nordic Egmont corporation. The latest incarnation of the Growing Games Workshop for upcoming game developers was about to start.

Den klassiske spiludgivelse er ikke en kunstform

Christian Fonnesbech kom med en opsang til de danske spiludviklere på Arsenalet.

“Den klassiske spiludgivelse er ikke en kunstform, det er en forretningsmodel. Det er det, du putter i udgivelsen, der er kunsten.”


Globalt spilmarked stiger til 650 mia. kr.

Nye tal for det globale spilmarked viser, at markedets omsætning stiger med 8,5% på verdensbasis. Asien og Stillehavs-regionen står for halvdelen af den samlede omsætning, men alle markeder er i fremgang.