Growing Games CPH: Business planning and financing

The financial side of growing your company. Growing Games, October 23, Egmont in Copenhagen. How, when and where to find the right type of financing, upsides and downsides of external capital and down-to-earth practical elements on how to run the company money flow. Meet David Helgason, founder and board member at Unity Technologies, Nikolaj Nyholm, partner of Sunstone Capital and more!

Growing Games Aalborg: Market & Monetization

How do you make money of your business model? Are you going freemium or using a payed model? Do you expect to find a publisher? How do you plan to advertise? Join us for Growing Games in Aalborg, October 21!

Games Business Aalborg

Games Business 2015 | Aalborg, December 7, 2015. The leading Nordic conference on the business aspect of game development in the Nordic, organized by NordicGameBits and Sharply. Held for the fourth time in 2015.

Dansk læringsteknologi skal styrke eksporten

Nyhedsbrev, september 2015. Dansk læringsteknologi har kommercielt potentiale og flere danske iværksættere har allerede etableret sig på det internationale marked. Men der er behov globalt perspektiv på udvikling og eksport af digitale læringsprodukter.

Growing Games Pitch Competition 2015

Growing Games Season 4. You now have the chance to mix and mingle with developers, business developers, investors and experts, as we take on the challenges of building a substantial business around great content.


SpilBar CPH: Details, details, details!

SpilBar #26, September 30. This event will be a series of micro talks, curated by Danish game developers Tim Garbos and Martin Fasterholdt. Join us and get a closer look at subtle details of game development.

Build a Business Strategy

Growing Games is expanding its reach. In the fall of 2015 we host a series of four Growing Games events in Aarhus, Aalborg and Viborg. First workshop is in Aarhus on September 30, where we address issues of positioning; how do stand out in the market and make sure that your product fits the target group.

SpilBar Aarhus proudly presents Ste Curran

Aarhus, September 16. Ste’s in town! Shareplay and the Aarhus based game production community Mega Nørd have the pleasure of inviting you to a great afternoon of gaming and beer.

Internationale missioner giver udbytte for virksomhederne

Midtvejsevaluering 2015. Interactive Denmarks internationale indsats giver virksomhederne stærkere strategier, bedre kompetencer og bedre netværk. Det viser projektets midtvejsevaluering, der er foretaget af Manto.


Shanghai Report 2015

China strategy for game and gamification companies, June 2015. Interactive Denmark & Innovation Centre Denmark Game Camp - key takeaways. Download report.