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The Interactive Denmark Monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter from Interactive Denmark goes out the first Wednesday of every month. It covers major news in the industry, updates from Interactive Denmark, the latest press clippings, Job of the month, and an event calendar for the coming months.
Who should subscribe? Anyone interested in keeping up to speed with the Danish games industry and upcoming events.
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CEO Newsletter

Information, events and offers aimed specifically at CEOs and other high-level people in the industry. Goes out approx. 6 times a year, with information and offers, often in connection with major events like CPH MatchUp, Gamescom, and GDC
Who should subscribe? CEOs and other decisions-makers in the industry with a specific interest in the business side of things.
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Growing Games invitation list

Information on upcoming Growing Games workshops. Never miss a Growing Games workshop, as you will receive information about upcoming events directly in your mailbox.
Who should subscribe? Anyone interested in attending the Growing Games workshops
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SpilBar invitation list

Receive information on upcoming SpilBar events. Notifications will be sent out before each SpilBar event – approx. 6 times pr. year.
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