17 apr (1523970000 17) 13:00 17 (apr 17)18:30 Game Developer Talks 2018 13:00 - 18:30 The Royal Library - The Black Diamond, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1 Event Organized By: Interactive Denmark Event Type : Game Developer Talks

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GDT is is 100% dedicated to passionate game developers from the Danish game industry.

We offer you a series of talks and workshops in the areas of Game Design, Programming, Technology, Audio and Visual Art. All tracks are professionals-only. We aim to make a forum where everyone from the industry – programmers, artists, producers, game designers and audio professionals can meet to get new insights, exchange ideas and together shape the future of the Danish Game Industry.

Game Developer Talks is organized by Interactive Denmark and a program committee with representatives from SYBO games, Flashbulb Games, MOOD Visuals, Unity Technologies, Wargaming Cph, Reto Moto and Playdead. In 2018 the event will change location an move to The Royal Library / The Black Diamant. All talks are development only (no business) and speakers are volunteers, wanting to share knowledge with their co-developers from Denmark. Companies that contribute by sending speakers are considered special Game Developer Talks friends.

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    • Day 1
    • April 17, 2018
    • 13:00 Registration and Greeting 13:00 - 13:15Get your badge and find the best seat for the talk you want to start out with.

    • 13:15 Block #1 (click to expand) 13:15 - 14:00Dynamic and modular sound design of Youropa
      A walk through of the sound design in the game Youropa. The game is highly modular and dynamic, which made the sound design fairly complex. In the talk, Niels will explain the design process and give examples of the implementation in Fmod and the custom-made game engine.
      // Room: Saxo
      // Speakers: Niels Böttcher, Ph.d in procedural audio

      Double talk: ECHO, Ultra Ultra + Community as creative guidance, Wartile
      In Echo your enemy is the way you play the game - a simple idea that can be approached in a million different ways, resulting in very different games. In these 20 minutes I’ll try to map out our journey from initial idea to the particular game we ended up with. I’ll talk about how universe and gameplay informed each other, the value of quick prototyping, and how the mechanics changed through production.

      Through the full process of making Wartile, they have been highly dependent on external feedback on the execution of the game systems. This talk will go through the developement of Wartile and how their own observations together with the intensive feedback from the community had an impact on the creative process in realizing Wartile and how it still influences them moving forward.
      // Room: Blixen
      // Speakers: Martin Emborg, CEO Ultra Ultra & Michael Rud, CEO Wartile

      Carving Caves in Deep Rock Galactic
      When Ghostship Games started Deep Rock Galactic, they knew that creating "procedural generated caves" would be one of their biggest challenges. This happened in the wake of No Man's Sky and everybody screaming that procedural content would always be dull and samey. Ghostship Games decided to approach the challenge in very pragmatic fashion and iterate until they had something that was "good enough" - in contrast to over-designing and over-engineering. As a foundation, they developed a custom mesh-carving technology and a debris system, though this talk will mostly focus on the "procedural generated caves and tunnels".
      // Room: Holberg
      // Speakers: Jonas Møller, programmer & Fran Aviles, Game Designer, Ghostship Games

    • 14:15 Block #2 (click to expand) 14:15 - 15:00Kill 10 rats - writing mission oriented dialog
      Welcome to a short and intense talk about how to deliver clear mission statements through dialogue in narrative games. What questions must be answered to explain a mission through natural dialogue? How do we avoid forced exposition? How do we communicate the goals and the story naturally to the player while staying true to the characters and the world given? Can we create hints that widen the world and the player's urge to explore?
      // Room: Saxo
      // Speakers: Morten Brunbjerg, Game writer

      From concept art to final frame in Unity's new render pipelines
      A detailed walkthrough of how to concept, mockup, estimate and produce art in the new HD rendering pipeline of unity, as well as an introduction to the lighting, shading and rendering capabilities of the pipeline. Martin and Jesper will show how to streamline asset iteration and production and how to best set up a project for working with multiple artists and external vendors.
      // Room: Blixen
      // Speakers: Martin Vestergaard Kümmel, Technical Art Director at Unity Technologies & Jesper Sølling Andersen, Concept Artist at MOOD

      Bridging technologies in a social network of games
      MovieStarPlanet has many years experience in developing and operating socially linked games played by millions of tweens and teens all over the world. They are in the process of transitioning from Flash to Unity, and this talk will cover how they are building a framework in Unity, that makes it super easy to create new social games and increase development speed by magnitudes using re-usable components, while bridging the social aspects of the games between old and new technology.
      // Room: Holberg
      // Speakers: Caspar Strandbygaard, CTO MovieStarPlanet

    • 15:15 Block #3 (click to expand) 15:15 - 16:00Double Talk: A journey through and ancient world, Nina V. Folkersen + TBA Nina: Being both a visual artist and a writer for an indie game is a big mouthful - especially if it's your first job! In this talk, Nina will explain how the story was developed in terms of the narrative and the visuals, what techniques she explored along the way and what she learned through the process. 2. TBA
      // Room: Saxo
      // Speakers: Nina Vinde Folkersen, Artist, writer and game designer Invisible Walls and TBA

      Double talk: Creating Rigging Tools for Artists, Mads Dam Jakobsen + Economy Systems & Balancing, Ivan Garde
      1.Mads: Developing Tools that enables artists to author game rigs without having to deal with the repetitive tasks and high amount of complexity that is usually involved in rigging. The talk gives an insight into the design process of the pipeline, how we choose to structure our rigging tools and framework, as well as discuss what has worked and what hasn't. The talk focuses on tools developed for Autodesk Maya, but should be applicable to pipelines based on other packages. 2. Ivan: An overview of methods used for balancing and how to identify and analyze the economic components in your games. Plus a few practical tips that any designer can apply when balancing their systems
      // Room: Blixen
      // Speakers: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Technical Artist Sybo Games + Ivan Garde, Senior Game Designer SYBO

      Cloth simulation in Glacier 2
      This is an introduction to cloth simulation and Glacier 2's cloth pipeline. In HITMAN cloth simulation is used to bring life to environments and characters. The tools and setup in Glacier 2 are shown with examples from HITMAN. // Room: Holberg
      // Speakers: Marten Suldrup Larsen, programmer IO Interactive

    • 16:15 Block #4 (click to expand) 16:15 - 17:00Designing for Augmented Reality
      In this talk, Michael Flarup will take the audience through the journey he went on creating their first AR-only experience. The game Conduct AR! He will talk about how many of the assumptions they had going in turned out to be wrong and how they worked to change them in a race to launch alongside iOS 11. It'll be an explosive, entertaining and visual journey into one of the most exciting frontiers in technology today.
      // Room: Saxo
      // Speakers: Michael Flarup, CEO and designer Northplay

      Live Concept Art Experience the process of bringing production concepts to live, when a group of skilled Concept Artists enters the stage to share their knowledge, insights, creative skills, tips, and tricks. The session will be moderated by Rasmus Poulsen, Franchise Art Director at IO Interactive. A relaxed session with room for questions from the audience.
      // Room: Blixen
      // Rasmus Poulsen, (Moderator)
      Silas Amdi, (Concept Artist)
      Simon Fetscher (Concept Artist)
      Tommy Kinnerup, (Concept Artist)

      Testing a massive Live game: A QA perspective on a tight development process
      Making a massive Live game with many intricate systems and frequent releases, presents a huge amount of challenges, not only to the QA department but everyone involved. Hear the story of how the internal QA department grew at RETO MOTO. Michael will deliver a talk on the QA perspective of a tight development process, where excellent resource management, great prioritization and effective use of tools, are crucial elements to succeed in a fast cycle of handling the many overlapping development flows.
      // Room: Holberg
      // Speakers: Michael Larsen, Lead Tester Reto Moto

    • 17:00 Developer beers served by Tactile 17:00 - 18:30Hang around and drink a couple of beers up until Spilprisen

Speakers for this event

  • Caspar Strandbygaard

    Caspar Strandbygaard

    CTO at MovieStarPlanet

    12+ years of experience from the games industry, approx half the time as developer the other half in middle-/executive-management. Currently CTO at MovieStarPlanet, previously I've been CEO/co-founder at Multiverse (Kogama), CTO at Cape Copenhagen, Lead Programmer at Nogap, Team Lead at NDS and other positions.

    CTO at MovieStarPlanet

  • Fran Avilés

    Fran Avilés

    Game Designer at Ghost Ship Games

    Fran is a rising star among game designers, already proving his worth with his multiple awards and nominations for his graduate project, Tell Me What You See. At Ghost Ship Games, he has been master of the caves, but his expertise does not stop there. Fran's a game developer through and through, and his love for games and design has been a huge boon for Deep Rock Galactic.

    Game Designer at Ghost Ship Games

  • Jesper Sølling Andersen

    Jesper Sølling Andersen

    Concept Artist at Mood

    Concept Artist at Mood

  • Jonas Møller

    Jonas Møller

    Lead Programmer @ Ghost Ship

    Jonas is a veteran programmer with years of experience from Ubisoft, Massive and Press Play. He is one of six co-founders of Ghost Ship and the idea that let to Deep Rock Galactic originated in Jonas' mind. Jonas has this rare gene of blending programming and design into one complete package.

    Lead Programmer @ Ghost Ship

  • Martin Emborg

    Martin Emborg

    CEO, Art- & Game-Director at Ultra Ultra

    CEO, Art- & Game-Director at Ultra Ultra

  • Martin Vestergaard Kümmel

    Martin Vestergaard Kümmel

    Technical Art Director at Unity Technologies

    I am technically minded artist with 14 years of industry experience and a broad suite of skills, I have strong modelling, texturing & level design skills, as well as 10 years of experience with outsourcing of art and level design. Additionally i have an interest in shader authoring and render performance optimization as well as memory optimization across all disciplines. I like to work in close contact with programmers to make the best from the tools and the engine.

    Technical Art Director at Unity Technologies

  • Michael Flarup

    Michael Flarup


    Michael is a designer from Copenhagen who loves making things and going on adventures. He’s got a treasure-trove of design experience creating his own companies, leading teams of developers and designers and working on countless of successful products and services. Today he spends most of his time running game studio Northplay living out his childhood fantasy of making video games for a living.


  • Michael Larsen

    Michael Larsen

    Lead QA at RETO MOTO

    Experienced Lead Tester with over 25 years of experience testing games and hardware. I'm currently the Lead of a team of testers on the Live game Heroes & Generals, where overlapping test phases and fast approaching deadlines are part of the daily challenges.

    Lead QA at RETO MOTO

  • Morten Brunbjerg

    Morten Brunbjerg


    Game writer and dramatic structure dude with experience writing story-driven games of all kinds.


  • Morten Suldrup Larsen

    Morten Suldrup Larsen

    Programmer at IO

    I have been at IO Interactive for 16 years working as a programmer. I have previously worked on gameplay code on several titles and now part of the render group. I have implemented the cloth simulation currently used in Glacier 2.

    Programmer at IO

  • Niels Bøttcher

    Niels Bøttcher

    Sound Designer

    Ph.d in procedural audio from Aalborg University. Sound designer/Composer from Copenhagen. Lecturer at Sonic college in Haderslev. Have been working on games such as Playdoh Touch (Hasbro), Returner 77 (Fantastic Yes), Youropa (Frecle) and others.

    Sound Designer

  • Nina Vinde Folkersen

    Nina Vinde Folkersen

    Art Director & Writer

    Art Director & Writer on Aporia: Beyond the Valley. My passion is interactive narratives and how they are executed through games. I adore connecting the art style and the story so the player gets the best possible experience.

    Art Director & Writer


(Tuesday) 13:00 - (Tuesday) 18:30


The Royal Library - The Black Diamond

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1